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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • I feel weird choosing myself as a "Cancer Survivor" because when I think of someone who truly is a survivor, I think of the endless treatments of chemo and feeling like you may or may not make it. I^m not sure many people realize that pre-cancer is fortunately found far before it can transpire to cancer.

    I was 17 when I found out I had CINIII. I had only lost my virginity maybe 6 months prior and had only been with one person, so I was quite surprised. I had the LEEP cone biopsy (I guess they do the LEEP a little differently than I had it done like) and it was definitely a scary thing as I had to go into day surgery (couldn^t be done in the office at that time) and had to go under. Before having the LEEP, I had a colposcopy and cryotherapy (now THAT was the most painful thing ever). I had follow up tests after which came out clear and then maybe 2 years later, began having abnormal paps coming back.

    I can^t tell you how many colpos I^ve had now and how long this seemingly endless ordeal has gone one....

    I do know however that about a year and a half ago, I received questionable results on my persistent abnormal paps. My gyno then referred me over to a gynecologist. She was really informative and said that in most cases, she would suggest another LEEP but since I am so young (27), that she doesn^t want to do it again if I don^t have to.

    My argument is - take it all out! LOL I^ve been dealing with this medical and emotional rollercoaster for a decade now and it^s just very depressing. I had a daughter about 3 years ago, so for all of you who think you may not be able to hold a pregnancy, you will. :-) I was closely followed by my doctor and was able to see ultrasounds every month as they checked my cervix length. I didn^t mind because most people only get to see their babies on ultrasounds a couple times!

    I ended up giving birth to my daughter 6 weeks early, which was also a difficult thing but my doctors assure me that it had nothing to do with my cervix. I am hoping for a good progosis when I see my doctor next but with how I^ve been feeling and the other symptoms, I^m pretty confident it won^t be good. Just would like for it to be over soon... I^ve paid my dues!

    I give major credit to those who have had invasive cancer that had to go through that awful chemo and so forth - you truly are the heroes!
  • 01-27 -2012
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