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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • Almost three years ago back in 2008 I received the first abnormal pap of my life when i was pregnant. The doctor informed me that i woud need to get a colposcopy but couldn^t at the time because i was pregnant. I continue to have nothing but abnormal paps a year later. After my pregnanacy I was having some discomfort in my lower area and my obgyn told me that I didn^t have an std or anything but i was tested positive for HPV. Being a biology major student at the time, I knew exactly what hpv was and that there was no cure to get rid of it. I was mad at the world, at life, at making love, i was trying to find where did i go wrong at. I got scared and did not go back to my doctor until months later, and it had got to stage 2 (CIN 1&2). I was told that i needed a LEEP procedure immediately. I got the LEEP done in April last year. It is January 19, 2012 and ladies i am so honored to let you know that i had a follow up pap smear ( the first one after the LEEP) and do you know my results were normal!!!! I dont know if you all believe in God , dont believe in God, Christian , Baptist, catholic, or whatever, I know that , that was God, it had to be. I^m taking everyday a step at a time and this 22 year old is moving forward. Be bless.
  • 01-19 -2012
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