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  • I just had an abnormal pap smear. My nurse called me and told me I had low grade pre-cancer cells. They immediately set me up with a GYN oncologist. They did a colposcopy and thought they wouldn\'t have to do a biopsy. Then they said they found a little of something and had to do a biopsy. I haven\'t got my biopsy results back yet it will be less than a week from now. I am 31 years old going on 32 and I should find out the results 2 days after my birthday. They also told me that my ovaries were hard and I also have an enlarged ovary. They said it shouldn\'t be anything to worry about right now but said they would watch it. If my biopsy only shows that I still only have low grade pre-cancer cells then I go back for another exam in 6 months. I was shocked at first then I started reading all about HPV and how easy it is to cure cervical cancer in most cases so that gave me piece of mind. If I end up with cancer I will have to be strong and fight and try not to be depressed. I pray my results come back cancer free.
  • 01-14 -2012
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