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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • I am 36 and this is my journey.....

    October 11th was the day of the call
    With the phone in my hand I thought I might fall
    At home we hugged with all of our might
    And made up our minds we were ready to fight
    Surgery is next but for now we must wait
    One appointment after another I am starting to hate
    Finally through our patience that day did come
    When I awoke in recovery I thanked God I was numb
    The next few weeks were very rough
    Each day I told myself I had to be tough
    Family and Friends helped me so much
    I hope they all know my heart they did touch
    Although the tumor is gone, a bad lymph node they did find
    So now Chemo and Radiation weigh heavy on my mind
    This next step in my journey is starting very soon
    I have to get back to normal before summer this June!
    They say I could be very sick and even loose my hair
    Even though this sounds discouraging I\^m trying not to despair
    I ask that prayers keep coming each and every day
    For complete healing through the Lord Jesus Christ is the only way
    I declare on this day a survivor I will be will not beat me! Just wait you\^ll see!

    by Jamie Lynn Johnston
    written 1-11-12
  • 01-12 -2012
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