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  • In June 2008 I was diagnosed after about 2 years of being watched every 6 months. I had a lot of problems and unexplained severe bleeding. I also had a horrible "clinic" nurse practitioner. I was told that I had Small cell and squamous cell invasive cancer and needed a hysterectomy. At that time I was 21, had a new boyfriend, and no kids - with no intentions of getting pregnant anytime soon. Bonus - I had no insurance.

    To make a long terrible story short. I ended up with an amazing surgeon, quickly got on insurance (state, but nonetheless) and had a cold-knife cervical conization and was able to save my sanity because they were able to get it all. I was followed up with every 3 months (which was usually 1 1/2 to - 2 because of slight complications due to cycles not cancer) but within about 2 years I was put on watch every 6 and now I am at paps every 1 year because I am actually coming up clean on my HPV screen as well! Hopefully these tests keep coming up clean and I^m praying it doesn^t return!! Good luck and make sure you follow up with every test and don^t take anything as a final option unless you^re okay with it!!!!! Always consult more doctors if you need to!!!!
  • 01-09 -2012
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