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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • In late October 2010 I went to see my OBGYN for a routine exam since it had been about two years since my last visit. In early November 2010, while on official business, I received a call from the doctor^s office saying my exam was abnormal and I needed to come back in for another exam. I thought nothing of it because I had an abnormal exam back in 2007.

    I went back in for my second exam and was told in early December 2010 that I had high grade precancerous cells. I was scared and shocked. They informed me it was PREcanerous and it could be removed.

    In January 2012 I had a LEEP done and while it was being preformed the doctor said "it doesn^t look too bad" but there is more then we expected. He ended up removing two huge chucks from my cervix. Later that month I went back for a post op and the doctor informed me that the cells were actually cancer! I was floored and excited!

    I was floored because I was a 29 year old healthy young lady. I don^t recall having any pain, random bleeding, etc. I was excited because once I was told I had PRE cancerous cells I began praying to God. I also had close family/friends praying for me. To know that the cancer was removed and I didn^t even know I had it increases my faith!

    I still go to the OBGYN every 3 months for exams, just to be sure it did not come back. Next week I will be cancer free for a year! I praise God! Keep the faith ladies!
  • 01-09 -2012
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