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  • Dear Christina, I am a 21-year cervical cancer survivor. I was diagnosed at age 30. I had normal pap smears, and then one abnormal. I had a colposcopy that determined I had developed cervical dysplasia. I then opted to have a laser conization of the cervix that determined I had a minimally invasive cervical cancer (less than 1mm) with what appeared to look like lymph vessel invovlement. I was completely shocked. My physicians and gynocologic oncologist recommended a modified radical hysterectomy (my ovaries were left in tact due to my age) with pelvic lymphectomy. I resisted taking immediate action for at least 5 months while I pursued second (one from another gynocologic oncologist) third (another from pathologists at John Hopkins) and fourth (my gynocologic oncologists colleagues at Brigham and Womens Hospital in MA) opinions, as I had wanted to start a family. It was the most difficult and painful decision I had to make up to that time in my life, however, ultimately, a family was not to be. In October 1990, I underwent the hysterectomy. The good news was the cancer had not spread; though I had to undergo blood tests every 4 months in the subsequent 2 years. I have no regrets today about my decision, but the pain and emotional stress were heavy burdens for years to come.I wish for you, wellness, comfort and resolve at this very difficult time in your life. Each of us has a unique story to tell. May you heal and be made whole (emotionally, that is) again.Peace and happiness to you,Liz
  • 12-27 -2011
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