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  • I am not a cervical cancer survivor BUT (yeah there is always a but) I have a few questions for those of you who are a survivor or who are fighting the good fight. Im 29 and have 3 children. I^ve had 2 abnormal paps in the past showing CIN II. Follow up treatments were negative and for the past 4 years each pap has come back clean. I found this site originally back in 2006 when my first abnormal pap came back. In researching some "things" that are going on with me cancer keeps coming up. Specifically cervical cancer... What I^m experiencing is tingling in my feet and hands but mainly in my feet. This has been going on for about a year now. Unexplained achy leg pain that last for hours. This has been going on for about a year also. EXTREME exhaustion that I^ve tossed up to the fact that in 2009 I had my daughter that was born disabled and with many medical complications. She alone is like working 2 full time jobs. Still I^ll wake up, have my coffee, and by 3 pm I^m ready to go back to bed. Sciatica pain so bad at times I cant move. I^ve noticed the sciatica pain can be triggered if I lay on a hard surface. When I go to get up I^m frozen in pain and feel as though somethings about to break if I continue to move. I^ve been stuck on the floor many times after playing with my kids until I can work out the pain.This has been happening since I believe 2006. In looking at the symptoms of cervical cancer you dont see the ones I^ve listed above but in reading some stories I^ll find one here, the other one there, and maybe a few more in someone elses story. My last pap was in June of 2011 and I didnt hear back from the Dr^s office which means everything came back clear. I look forward to hearing back from some of you. Keep fighting!
  • 12-16 -2011
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