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  • Hi there, I am a working mom of two sweet little boys 6 & 9. In the fall of 2007 after an abnormal pap result, I was diagnosed as high risk HPV+. I was monitored for the next few months and told to come in for a follow up appointment in the next 6 months. I went back and the cell still showed up as ACUS, my doctor recommended a coposcopy, which I had done in December 2007, just before Christmas. The follow up appointment in February 2008, was negitive for abnormal cells, YAY!!

    I was told to come back for a follow up appointment in 6 months. In August of 2008 I went back for my follow up and the ACUS cells showed up again. Shortly thereafter I lost my job and my medical insurance, so I did not get to follow through on treatment. Eventually I got a new job, and new medical insurance. Went in for an annual well woman visit. The pap came back normal, much to my relief, this was around February 2009. I went back for a 6 month check and this pap came back abnormal. At this point I was having periods that lasted for months at a time, so I was scared to death that they were going to find cancer. The did not, just level 1 abnormal cells.

    My insurance plan changed then and I could not afford to continue to go to that doctor so I had to change doctors. My new doctor recommended an ultrasound to examine why my periods were so long, but I could not afford this either. So I just ignored the problem. Well in July 2011 I was layed off and lost my medical insurance again. I had been having very heavy periods that lasted for weeks on end, pain during intercourse, and really bad cramps. I decided that when I got another job and insurance again I would go back and get checked out. I was very lucky and go another job at the end of August and they have great insurance that starts the day you start!! So reluctantly I went to the Gyno for a well woman visit. I was so scared and had a feeling things might be bad since I hadn\^t gon i so long. The pap results came back abnormal, so my Gyno asked me to come in for a copo with a biopsy. They biopsied two areas that looked abnormal. The results came back as CIN 2 precancerous. I have to go in to get the LEEP proceedure done on the 28th of this month. This is really scary for me!! I don\^t really have any friends or family to lean on, so I feel very alone and would love someone to talk me through this. I have my wonderful hubby, but he really does not understand, though he wants to. I am thinking positive, but those little bad thoughs just keep creeping in. I am just frustrated because I want this to go away.
  • 11-14 -2011
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