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  • I was diagnosed with stage 2 Cervical Cancer, in September 2003. I had never imagined this would happen to me. I thought I was having my normal menstrual cycle, until I started bleeding heavily with huge blood clots. I went to the ER. As I was lying there and doctor after doctor began to come in, I knew something was wrong. The Dr said I was hemorrhaging and sent me to surgery. After surgery the Dr came in and asked if I had any family with me, well only my sister had come. So the Dr said she wanted somebody there, such as my mom, to talk to us. The next day when my mom came the dr came back to tell me I had Cervical Cancer. I just freaked out, and started crying and crying. I am now as I write and relive this experience. I never realized they could stop the cancer, I figured I was going to die. I am now 7 years cancer free. I was only 29 when I found out, I was told after the Brachytherapy I would never have children. I wish I had been told sooner, so they could have saved some of my eggs and I would still have the chance to have a child of my own! I may not have children, but at least I am alive. So Please, Please, make sure you get checked, Cancer does not discriminate against age, race, or anything!
  • 10-31 -2011
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