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  • Hello everyone I am a 38 year old mother of three and a grandma of one. I am one of those ones that neglected my body and did not have a pap smear for 9 years after my last child was born. I started having cramping and bleeding between periods so i finally decided to go. To make a long story short, I was told I have cervical cancer stage 1b1. I had a radical hysterectomy done approximately 9 days ago. I was released from the hospital 3 days after the surgery, but have recently been placed back into the hospital due to an infection from the surgery. As I am setting in the hospital my doctor gives me the results of the lymph node removal. She said out of the approx 30 (cant remember the exact amount at the moment) only one of the lymph nodes returned a positive for cancer. Now I am just confused and scared on what exactly this means. The doctor said we will worry about what the next step is after I get released from the hospital from this surgery. I am ready to be well, i want to fight this for my kids and my family I am just totally scared and would love any emails from anyone that might of experience anything similar to this I would love to hear from anyone please. Ty
  • 10-29 -2011
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