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  • Hi everyone,
    I am 44 years old and for about 4 months I bled each time my husband and I had intercourse. I went to my GYN who said it could be hormonal changes. The bleeding continued, went back and strongly asked for him to do a pap smear as I had one early this year. The GYN looked right at me and said: I know u think u have cancer, don^t worry you don^t, nurses are so crazy! ( I am a nurse). it took his office 3 weeks to give the results after I harassed them for one week. By the time I got the results back which were negative my husband and I had were so aggravated that I had already made an appointment with another GYN. At the end, I had another pap smear which again was negative. Luckily, this new GYN knew something was wrong and did a colposcopy. My biopsy was positive for cervical cancer. On Oct 5 I had a radical hysterectomy with 20 lymph nodes removed. Thank God everything was negative, I am waiting to hear if I will need radiation as the cervix was very diseased. I am sharing my story so that all women ADVOCATE for themselves! If you feel something is wrong, push health care to do something about it.
  • 10-13 -2011
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