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  • My aunt Paulette has been on my mind throughout my ordeal as she is a survivor of Ovarian Cancer.About 16 years ago I had an abnormal pap, had to have a colposcopy, but it came back normal. All paps since then were normal. In June of this year, I went for my yearly physical. I am the mother of 4 kids I work and go to school and had just been so busy I had skipped a pap maybe 2. On June 23 they called and said that my pap showed high grade dysplasia referred me to the GYN and another colposcopy. GYN said it was normal and was torn because of the previous abnormal and the current pap showing high grade dysplasia and presence of HPV so under the knife again! On Sept 16 I had a cold knife cone biopsy of the cervix and was told on Sept 23 that the biopsy was normal.It was all scary and painful and what is so aggravating is they want to take a little snip or chunk at a time and tell you it doesn^t hurt (whatever!) and it is a long and stressful process.I just Praise Jesus and than him everyday for my blessings, my supportive friends and family and for continued negative results. It has been a scary process and I am worried something will show up again later on but I have a new found mission to make more women aware and I will never skip another pap again no matter how busy I get. I have learned a lot through this process. I did not know that HPV could be transmitted through PROTECTED sex. I was shocked to know I had it after having been married for 15 yrs. HPV also causes anal cancer which is the cancer that killed Farah Fawcett and if you are positive for cervical HPV you should be screened for anal HPV also. It is a very simple procedure just like a pap only performed anally. I plan to have my sons vaccinated with the new vaccine because it can prevent warts in men and prevent the spread of HPV to the women they may have in their lives (hopefully only wives :) but hey we live in the real world) in the future. I hope that my story helps someone else. I thank you all for sharing yours. May we all keep each other in our prayers!
  • 10-10 -2011
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