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  • My name is Gina I am 32 years old and have three children. A 5 month old, 7year old and an 11 year old. On August 15th I was told I had a tumor on my cervix. My friend is writing this for me in English as I speak English but write better in Spanish. I am unable to work my full time job at the nursing home.

    I saw an oncology gyn surgeon who said my tumor was 7 cm and that it was too big for surgery. I am sitting in the infusion clinic right now getting therapy. I go for radiation monday through friday for 25 or 30 treatments and chemotherapy once per week. I had to have surgery to put a port in my chest for the chemotherapy. I just had my third chemotherapy and have thrown up almost every day. I have lost 10lbs. Now I go to the clinic for fluids twice a week to give me strength and keep me hydrated.

    On October 21 I will also start the internal radiation treatments. I will have five of them and I will have general anesthesia each time. I will be in the hospital each time for a day.
    I have faith that I am going to make it. I am very afraid sometimes. Please keep me in your prayers. I will be praying for each of you. Gina
  • 10-06 -2011
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