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  • My family^s battle with GYN cancer began in the Summer of 2010 when my Mom had abdominal bloating, fatigue, feeling full after only a small amount of food and pelvic pain. She ended up in the ER and I asked about ovarian cancer but was reassured that wasn^t the cause. She spend 3 more months in agony before I finally got her to a specialist. Within 3 days, she was diagnosed with stage 3C primary peritoneal cancer, which is essentially the same as ovarian cancer. Ironically, she was diagnosed in September, which is GYN cancer awareness month. Less than 2 months later, I found out I had invasive cervical cancer (stage 1a2). I had 17 years straight of normal pap smears (never even had dysplastic cells). I was 33 years old, married, a runner, and felt like I was in the best health of my life. I had a radical hysterectomy in January 2011 and luckily, pathology was negative and I didn^t need radiation. My frustrations and experiences led me to create a non-profit organization called Help the Hoo-Hahs, aimed at awareness, prevention and support for all GYN cancers. We need to bring these cancers into the spotlight to save lives and get resources for those still battling GYN cancers. We have a 5K Run/Walk fundraising event on September 24, 2011 in Savannah, GA. Please help us by visiting to find out more. It^s about time GYN cancers got national attention and support!
  • 08-31 -2011
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