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  • Hi I am 46 years old. One year ago I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. I along with a lot of others had not had a pap in years and didn^t really have any symptoms that anything was wrong other then sometimes after intercourse there would be some bleeding but it would go away almost immediately so I just blew it off as maybe getting a little too rough. One month I had my period and I bled really heavy the first day and then it went normal so I didn^t think of that as a red flag, then another time probably a year later the same thing happened and didn^t think much about it because it went normal as well, then it happened a third time probably a year later and this time I bled so hard I honestly thought I was going to have to go to the hospital. It was awful and scared me so I thought I had better make an appt with the gynecologist. It was August 2010 I went into the exam room and he started to open my cervix up to do the exam and blood went everywhere it was horrible he immediately did a biopsy and said if I hadn^t been good at clotting I would immediately be in the hospital. Anyway a few days later I had to return for the results and he looked very sober and said I had cervical cancer. I had been reading up on the symptoms and was prepared for the worst so I said well what do I have to do he made me an appt with an oncologist 2 hrs away from where I lived and I had to drive there and meet with him and he staged me at 1b and told me I would have a radical hysterectomy and 30 lymph nodes removed because of the size of the tumor and to be followed by chemo and radiation. So I was diagnosed in Aug and Sept was my surgery 4 wks after my surgery I began the chemo and radiation, during the treatments the worst part was the nausea and after the treatments finished the fatigue was ridiculous . Its been a year now since I was diagnosed and I had my first pap since the surgery and the treatments and it was normal and I^m praying it stays that way. Anyone that gets diagnosed it really is a lot to go through but if you stay strong and just do everything you need to remember there will come a time that you will feel better again. We are all survivors!!! God Bless you all!
  • 08-28 -2011
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