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  • About a month ago, I finally got a pap smear after missing one for the past 3 or 4 years. I went in because I^m a diabetic and was having problems with yeast (TMI) So the lab contaminated this test and I had to come in the next week to do another one. The results of this one sent me to see an Ob Gyn, which would take another 3 weeks to be seen. Had the Colposcopy and the punch biopsy as well as the cuterage biopsy. All the while MD is saying there is absolutely nothing to worry about everything looks ok but need to be certain. Was told to only expect some spotting. Well I have never bleed so much in my life!! And the cramps were horrible. I get a phone call a week later with a voicemail saying the results show precancer to call back. We play phone tag and I^m worried because well the C word just seems to have a way of making a person worry. Another week goes by, finally we speak and he says it^s nothing to worry about but I need to have the LEEP done as they cells show some serious changes. But again don^t worry. He wants to see me before he goes on vacation which would mean today! I can^t as I had to work. So on the 24th I go in for the Leep. I don^t know about you. I would prefer to hear the worst and not the sugar coated version. I^m not too stressed. But just want this all over with.
  • 08-02 -2011
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