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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • I am 45 years old and just got the horrible phone call from my Gyn that I have Adenocarcinoma of my cervix. I am HPV+ an have had abnormal and normal paps for many years. In 2001 I had a leep procedure, this was followed by 6 month paps. I have had a few colposcopies since in November 2009 which was negative, followed by a few normal paps. I had a normal pap in Nov.2010, and then an atypical pap in May 2011. I had a colposcopy a week ago. My Gyn said my cervix looked perfectly normal but she did an endocervical curretage just above my cervix to be thorough. This came back as adenocarcinoma. I am terrified. My Gyn thinks that I can kick know, early detection and all of that. I have an appointment with a gynecological oncologist on August 2nd. They will likely want to do a cone biopsy to definitively identify the cancer to know if it is cervical or uterine, and how to proceed...however, I will surely need a hysterectomy. I cry daily and am heartbroken to have to tell my mother, who is not in great health right now. I just feel like I am going to die from this...I can^t seem to get myself to think I can or will survive this. I am terrified that I will be in the percentage that won^t make it. Anyone have any words of wisdom or have had a similar story??
  • 07-28 -2011
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