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  • I can^t stress enough how important it is to get an ANNUAL PAP.
    I had received an annual PAP every year since the age of 17 after becoming sexually active. All tests were normal. Then I had an abnormal PAP result in 2007, and the result of the subsequent biopsy showed I had severe Dysplasia/pre-cancerous cells on my cervix. To have a normal screening one year to having an abnormal screening with SEVERE dysplasia the next, shows one of two things: Either (1.) my former PAPS weren^t thorough, or the dysplasia was not detected, or (2.) Cancer can develop at a scary rampant pace. If I had waited another year to get a PAP exam, the dyplasia may well have developed into full-out carcinoma. I would have probably had to face surgery, chemo and/or radiation. Instead, I had the LEEP procedure, the abnormal cells were removed, and I have had a normal PAP ever since. Please encourage the women you know to get an annual screening. It may save their life! Thank you!
  • 07-18 -2011
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