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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • diagnosed stage 2b cervical cancer 5/26.
    had surgery to remove lymph nodes in groins and move ovaries up to prevent menopause 6/2
    left hospital after 3 days and went home
    went back to hospital for bowel obstruction from surgery 6/7
    they put me on liquid helped and i was moving my bowels again.
    i am heeled some what from surgery but i had problems
    my gallbladder was acting funny, urinating hurt, my back still hurt, my hips were off
    i now have a uti, and doc just gave me steroid pills to help with the nausea from third chemo treatment.
    i have five more chemos to go and 5 more radiation weeks to go in which two are internal weeks
    i painted my truck today with window markers a ribbon and it says I WILL WIN
    it is now almost going on my half way point from treatment. i just hope it gets better from here. i wish this on no one. i have young teenage gals, a bf, and in a middle of a divorce, when i was working i was a store manager of a retail store. i see so many of customers all over the place that i recognize. i enjoy weekends most cause i usually feel good and have time to spend with kids. i will try running again today. i used to run 3 miles a day. i am working back up to my first mile again. it hurts, but i am just trying a little at a time. just try to be normal as possible. i will try to keep you all updated. I WILL WIN NO DOUBT...I GOT THIS, I WILL BE A SURVIVOR!!!!! YOU WILL BE TOO, HANG IN THERE WITH ME. SMOOCHES:)

  • 06-30 -2011
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