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  • Hi everyone.Well this is my story, I am 32 years with 3 children. Well in 2009 I went through a divorce and a little later found the man of my dreams. He was so good to me I really thought it was too good to be true.I had 2 kids from my previous marriage ages 10 and 12, and they got along so good It just made all the stress from my ex feel like it wasn^t there. Then in December of 2009 we found out I was pregnant.. a little shocked but very happy.. I went to the doctor and find out i am 10 weeks pregnant. Than i went to have a pap smear done at 12 weeks and started bleeding really bad, the doctor checked on the ultrasound and everything looked good. I stopped bleeding a few days later. during my pregnancy i was anemic so i had to see a perinatologist and my regular obgyn to make sure everything is ok with the baby.. so at 40 weeks I had my baby girl very fast delivery no pain meds didn^t have enough time.ouch!!! Than at my 6 week check up my doctor tells me that both my pap smears while i was pregnant were abnormal and he said they were hgils, he said wait until next month and do another pap smear, so i listened,.In November i came back for another pap smear and the following week my results came back hgsil with possibility for invasion. he sends me to a gyno oncologist..I see him in November and he does a colcoscopy and he says it shows cancerous cells and we need to do a conization. So In December i have that done and it comes back as invasive cervical cancer. stage 1b, he tells me radical hystercetomy is my only choice. so i had to wait 6 weeks after the conization and had the hysterectomy.. spent 2 weeks in the hospital because of complications to my bladder, apparently i developed a fistula after surgery. well my results came back from the pathology report and it spread into 2 of my lypm nodes, so then 5 weeks of chemo/and radiation and 2 treatments of internal radiation. Monday was my last treatment..yay now just check ups to see if everything stays clear. It was such a long road especially with a baby. and my bladder issues still remain.. hoping that gets better, for some reason my blood count dropped to 900 lower than when i was on chemo which stayed at 2700. so i^m hoping nothing else is wrong and my body can start healing.. I truly believe my baby saved my life if i wouldn^t have gotten pregnant i wouldn^t know about the cancer until it was too late. I had no signs of anything being wrong or hurting.God has blessed me with " GRACE" Good luck to all of you still fighting or just beginning your battle and may God bless you..:)
  • 06-13 -2011
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