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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • Last week I was informed from my Doctor^s Clinic that they needed to talk to me about my Pap smear. I went today and they said that my Pap smear is abnormal and they scheduled me for a colposcopy for Tomorrow- everything was too fast, i was trying to understand what was going on- the nurse didn^t say or explain anything else to me, just that they need to do the colposcopy.
    I^m 27 yrs old, married, with a 6yrs beautiful daughter and 6 weeks pregnant.
    I^m so scared and shaken up, i can^t stop crying, I don^t know what is going to happen, I was on the phone with my mom and husband and they are saying that no matter what, everything is gonna be ok, but still, I^m so scared, I don^t know how to react, please I need some advice, I^m going crazy, thinking and expecting the worst- to happen.

    Thanks! :(
  • 06-12 -2011
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