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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • I^m still battling. I had my second daughter Oct 26, 2011 and had my post partum appointment which was fine. When I went back at the end of Mar for my annual my results came back hgsil with moderate dysplasia... I had never had abnormal pap before, I^m only 28. No biggie, I thought, both of my sisters had abnormal paps before. I had a colposcopy done with biopsies, and those results came back hpv+ and cancerous. Strangely I was ok with this, 9 years before my mom battled breast cancer and won, and she did it all with a smile on her face. So May 18th I met with the gynecologic oncologist that my regular obgyn referred me to. She came in the room, examined me, then off to the conference room. I was staged Ib1, and told they think its a rare aggressive cancer. I wasn^t given options, just said she wanted to do a radical hysterectomy, see you in 2 weeks.
    I am a big advocate of google, I went home and started researching. Turns out there are other options, a trachelectomy, which would allow me to have more kids... why wasn^t I told? Well I switched my preop appointment for the following week so we could discuss this further. My dr discussed trachelectomy with other drs and told me I now had 2 options, 1 radical hysterectomy plus radiation (wasn^t mentioned before) or 2 a cone biopsy to get a larger sample and analyze whether it is rare or if its been there a while unnoticed. I opted for the latter and had that done Jun 2.
    I^m sure a lot of you are thinking the same thing I was, why am I still seeing this cold heartless dr? Well my mom recommended I see her oncologist, but I figured since I already had the cone scheduled I may as well go through with it, the other guy would^ve wanted to do one anyway.
    I go back this wed for my results and to discuss whether my dr feels I^m a "candidate" for trachelectomy. I promised my mom after I got these results I would get a second opinion from her dr.
    At first I was ok with all of this, some said too ok, but I^m dealing with it the only way I know how... I^ve put it in Gods hands and know that he won^t put anything in front of me he doesn^t think I can handle. Am I crazy for wanting to preserve my fertility? I do understand that I may have to have a hysterectomy, and I^m greatful for the 2 beautiful girls I have. It feels more like I^m fighting my dr than fighting cancer.
    Anyone been here before? Id appreciate emails with suggestions, and I enjoy reading everyones stories
  • 06-11 -2011
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