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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • I had had previous colonoscopy^s so was going back for a last check at the hospital after the all clear from the previous one. Six weeks after the test had been done, it came back that I had abnormal cells and needed laser treatment to remove them. However, I was pregnant by this stage and laser treatment was out of the question due to pregnancy. I consulted with my gynecologist and he informed me that the cells were only abnormal, not pre-cancerous and it should be OK to go ahead with the pregnancy. However he did warn me that it could go the other way, so he wanted to see me at 22 weeks to have a look. I went along to see the consultant and he had to do a biopsy. He then sat with me and informed me that the cells had changed and that it was now either pre-cancer or cancer and that the tests would be done on the biopsy. The biopsy came back 10 days later and he informed me that it was cancer. Apparently cervical cancer in pregnancy is very rare. The plan of action was deliver my baby by C section between 28 - 32 weeks. I was in and out of hospital due to the cancer causing me to bleed from the cervix,and was monitored very closely every to weeks with scans, test etc. I became very agitated at 30 weeks and asked to be delivered, but was told that leaving the delivery by another two weeks, would give my baby a 90% chance of survival. My delivery date arrived and I had already had meetings with the anesthetist, neonatalogist and my consultant. My baby was delivered at 32 weeks, I^d had steroid injections so she breathed on her own. She was 8 weeks early and weighed 6Lb 2oz. I was then sedated and had a radical hysterectomy. I awake on high dependency feeling rather rough after 5 hours of surgery. I stayed in hospital for ten days and had a few problems but my baby was healthy and ready to leave when I was. I got my results back from my lymphnodes and the cancer had spread to only one, but this would need more treatment.
    So I left hospital with my baby and seven weeks after having her I started my daily radiotherapy. This was for five weeks and I had two lots of intensive internal radiotherapy. All though this made me very sick at the time, it was definitely worth it.
    My daughter is now 11 years old and i have had the all clear for a year now.
    I do believe that my being here is down to the team of doctors that I had looking after me. I owe them my life and that of my daughters. I think if my pregnancy had been left any longer then there was a high possibility that I would have had a great battle on my hands.
    I had a very aggressive tumor and it had gone from being abnormal cells to spreading into my lymphnodes within 32 weeks.
    I owe my life to many great doctors, who I would be more than happy to name and recommend to anyone whom is going through the same thing, and would like their doctors to maybe talk to them...... I know mine spoke to a few other consultants on several occasions all over the world.
    Apparently, his operation on a pregnant woman, is something that a consultant will only ever do once in his lifetime, if he ever gets to do it at all. Its that Rare.
    Well I am a survivor and have made it through some rough times, all thanks to a wonderful medical team.
  • 06-08 -2011
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