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  • I just read all of the stories posted today and while I understand the fear and anxiety it does get better. I had yearly pap smears without fail and twice I had a positive response. Both times I immediately made an appointment for a follow-up visit and an additional procedure to double check. In both instances everything came back normal. When I was finally diagnosed I had Stage IIIB which my doctor had mistaken for sciatica. It was only in doing an MRI that a large tumor, outside of my cervix, was discovered. I^ve gone through radiation, chemotherapy, cervical implants, and am now thrilled to be a survivor. It is still early yet but I want to emphasize that there is hope, the world does not end, it simply changes, and this is not a death sentence. You are not alone, fear is normal, but once you walk through the fear to the other side it is much more peaceful. Do your priorities change - of course. Do you have to think about your own death - of course. Can the cancer return - of course. But I feel like I have been given a terrific gift - a chance to live each day fully and in thankfulness. Take all the support you are offered from family and friends and if that is not enough there are always services available. Good luck, smile and if you can, be grateful for this new perspective.
  • 05-16 -2011
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