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  • Lisa that would be great if you emailed me!!! Ok I went and she actually said that the ER doc called before he did the ultrasound and didn^t know the results so he lied when he said as soon as he got the results he called her...Hmmmmm
    Well she stepped out to get the results came in and said she was canceling my full pelvic/pap! She said that she would feel comfortable me going to the gyno...and can^t touch me:(
    I had the appointment on the 31st told hub and he said he has an appointment that day as well and can^t take kids. I told him I told him about this appointment awhile ago!!!:( We got home and on the cal his appointment was written after mine all tiny. He said "well I can^t miss my appointment I need my pain pills!" I cried and said I^m canceling and I don^t care anymore. He said well I^ll call can make it for another time or day. I told him I would and he grabbed the phone and called...
    She told him she couldn^t talk to him and he gave me the phone. She asked if I wanted to remake it I said yes and asked if I was still on that call list..
    :) She said...."can you come in at 3 today?"
    YES!! I thought I was going to cry!
    I went in and told him the whole story and looked at me with wide eyes when I told him about 2005...shook his head too... he said that the cyst shouldn^t be causing the leg pain and he needs to see for any cell changes with the pap and wanted my records so I told him I would sign for them as well. He said the bleeding after intercourse, pain during and after, tiredness, heavy and painful periods, constipation, discharge might just be endometriosis (sp) but needs to see pap results first. He wants to do a laserscopic on me too. BUT he said the way they go in is from the naval and I have had my gall bladder surgery and a hernia surgery and he said too much scar tissue so has to do something else. My pre op is May 25 at 2:15 at 3:45 I have to go to to my neuro for the eeg and emg results too...He said he wants to do the laserscopic June 3. He said the cysts (one may have a daughter) are normal for a premenaposal woman so it^s nothing to worry about. Found out it was complex cyst 2cm he said that^s not big.
    My aunt said he is good and I could probably call next Wed to get my results.
    I had a colonoscopy tomorrow but my Dr who was going to do it called and said there was a death in the family so that will now be Tue at 10:30 am.
    I made a joke about my cyst might be having a little girl! My hub flipped and said it^s not funny and nothing to laugh about. When I came out he was like are you dying? LOL NO I told him everything the Dr said and he said I was lying and hiding something and he wouldn^t want to do that procedure if it were nothing. I said he is just trying to figure things out. He also wants to get some blood work.
    I will keep keeping you all posted!
  • 05-11 -2011
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