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  • Glenda,

    if it^s ok with you, I will email you at the email address you listed. But I didn^t want to before checking with you. With regards to the cysts, I^m not an expert but I am not sure why they are saying they are non-fluid filled. Most cysts would be. Although, there are some that contain solid material. Maybe these are those types. I would however ask that your gyno read the results of the ultrasound asap and tell you more. I am not sure about your increased thirst or leg pain, but I would ask your gyno about all these symptoms to see if they have some ideas.

    Tell your husband that if he can^t be supportive to just stay quiet. His comment was just awful! I^m so sorry. Yes, cervical cancer is caused by the HPV virus, but you have NOTHING to be ashamed of. The vast majority of women (this is pre-vaccine) have the virus just never have any symptoms and it never leads to cancer. The rest of us end up getting cancer. It sucks, but it is what it is. I am really curious and concerned about what happened at your appointment today. Please let us know!

    And be good to yourself!
  • 05-11 -2011
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