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  • Thank you so much Lisa!!!! I had to make a Dr appointment 2 days ago because of my leg/groin/pelvic pain. She said keep my pap on the 31st and sent me to the ER for an ultrasound. The ER Dr was just rude saying I don^t know why she sent you here and just sounds like a muscle. He asked when the pain started in my leg I said not too long ago. He said when. I said 3 weeks. He rolled his eyes and said that is long...this morning would be not too long ago. Like I said it^s just a muscle!
    They did ultrasounds and said that they found a non-fluid filled cyst on left ovary and several non fluid cysts on cervix (said that^s normal) and that there was inflammation on left hip flexor and pelvic area... Gave me an anti-inflammatory and said he called my Dr as soon as he got the results. He said she needs to see me first thing Thur for full pelvic exam and pap. He also said there is nothing else he can do or check for. I asked if he could do the pap he said "you need to see Dr Kay she has all the tools that I don^t"
    When Hub and I got back in the car he said Glenda that Dr is an idiot...there is no such thing as NON fluid filled cysts. Well I said sure there is there has to be if he said that. He said that Dr is an ER Dr and didn^t sound like he cared or knew what was going on. The paper he gave me on cysts said fluid filled...I tried to find what non fluid filled cysts are online but couldn^t. Has anyone heard of this?
    So, my Dr I guess doesn^t want me waiting till the 31st and wants me in there 10:45 tomorrow (Thur)
    I don^t think I had mentioned my^s been since July 2010 and gotten worse these last few weeks...
    Just thinking about the pelvic exam makes my heart flutter and I feel sick to my stomach because of how much it hurts and I bleed if anything goes in there:(
    I told the father of my daughters (he passed in 03 of motorcycle accident) sister everything what was going on. She said 2005 abnormal pap???? Hmmm abnormal paps and cervical cancer is from HPV an STD. Make sure your hub gets checked cuz if that^s what it is he could have it! WHAT :( She made me feel gross and ashamed. If that^s what it is I can^t tell nobody not the ladies at church or anyone for fear of them thinking or saying the same thing..UGH now I^m crying.
    @Lisa I try not to blame me...but even hub says if that^s what this is he is going to be mad at me cuz 6 years passed and I didn^t do anything to help myself.
    Also my hair has been falling out since last year and they checked thyroid and nothing like I said only pos rheumatoid factor. I drink 2/3 gal of water a day as well and no diabetes. This started last year too...Has anyone had this? Nobody knows why (right now). I^m dreading tomorrow morning!!! I just am worried why all of a sudden she wants to do the exam when she said before to wait till I go to the gyno on the 31st...
    My email is Gal27(@)ymail(.)com
    I^ll keep you all posted!!!!:)
  • 05-10 -2011
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