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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • I don^t have cancer that I know of anyways. I would really like some help and just someone to talk to...
    June 2005 I had an abnormal pap they said would like to do colposcopy. I went in and they said they found precancerous cells and wanted me to come back for something else I don^t remember what he said exactly. Well that^s all he said...
    I told my cousin and she said "That^s nothing! Precancerous cells means your don^t have cancer." Cancer cells mean cancer and EVERYONE has precancerous cells." Well said ok!!
    My hub wasn^t in town at the time and said take care of it! I said ok and lied and never went back....
    2009 I got pregnant with my daughter my pap came back abnormal but didn^t get any further work or testing done. I still didn^t remember about those cells....
    July 2010
    I started going through a lot of weird things. Tingling in my hands legs and feet. Excessive thirst, EXTREME tiredness, so I went to the Dr they referred me to a neurologist. I saw her and she did an MRI nothing she said. Well I started feeling a bit better but not much. Jan 2011 my periods returned. I have never had cramps in my life and now I bleed so heavy when I have them soak up a tampon and pad within an hour. Tampons hurt and for the past year I have had intercourse with my husband probably 7 times since last July since it^s so painful.
    I went to see another Dr which she is just the nicest ever and took more blood work my rheumatoid factor was pos so referred me to Rheumo also I have had a problem with constipation since I was a teen only being able to go once every 3 days. 5 Years ago it got worse and now I go once a week if that... I was referred to someone for it about 3 years ago but never followed through...
    This new Dr just referred me to someone and I^m having a colonoscopy on Fri at 8:30 am... I was telling her about what is going on.... She asked if I have heart palpatations... I said sometimes.. (was thinking how did she know) and shortness of breath... (sometimes) how did she know...
    3 weeks ago my groin on left side and thigh started to^s gotten worse (I didn^t pull anything either) This is a different pain.
    Well I looked up some of the things I^m going through and found cervical cancer as one of the diagnosis... Here I have been going to a neuro and other Drs..... Then I remembered 2005... the precancerous cells I NEVER went back to take care of... could it be? If it is it^s totally my fault!
    I was talking to my aunt and she said "K" is NOT a Dr! Why didn^t you go back!!!!! Well she told me about this great gyno that found out she had endomitriosis in her and found the uterine cancer in my other aunt. My one uncle died of prostate cancer that spread to his lungs, my other aunt died of colon cancer and one aunt had breast cancer but died of heart attack. So I called the Dr she recommended and am going to see him on the 31st. He has a cancellation list so I^m on that. I just need to see someone that is going to get whatever is causing all this in order. I KNOW that I KNOW something is going on. I should have listened to my hub when he said to go back or when he said to get checked since intercourse shouldn^t hurt like it had been nor should I bleed after... I^m so dumb!!!
  • 05-06 -2011
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