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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • Hello My name is Debbie. I am married with four children and I am a very recent cancer survivor.
    In October 2010 I woke in the middle of the night passing clots as large as tennis balls. I called to my husband that I had to go to emergency room, then I passed out. I woke up on the side of the bathtub, listening to my husband frantically talking to the people at 911. I made it to the hospital where I was given an exam and told my cervix did not look normal. It worried me, but i wrote it off... probably fibrioids or something. I spent 4 days in hospital, having a D and C and 3 unit blood transfusion.
    My Doc took samples of the \"abnormal\" looking servix and a couple of days later i got a phone call, saying i had pre-cancer cells and we can get them with a cone biospy and stop the bleeding with an ablasion. I had a Thanksgiving Vacation planned and I didn\^t want to go there worried, so asked if I can postpone procedure until then. She said was fine, as the pre cancer cells are very slow growing. Boy, were we wrong.
    As scheduled, I went in for the cone procedure. I was alone, with only my oldest son (19) with me. He left the building for a while to run errands while I was in procedure. I didn\^t think it was serious enough to warrant my husband taking a day off work.
    My doc came in and told me there had been a mistake when they read the slides. Upon an routine re-view, they found that I do, in fact, have invasive cancer- and thats how i found out.. alone in a cold hospital pre op room. I was devistated. Once the doc left the room, I called my husband. I was so upset and shaking so hard, that I couldn\^t utter the words \"I have cancer\" ... it kept coming out... \"have... ca ca ca ca....\" We opted out of the ablasion but still doing the cone, as she felt maybe she could get it all. Wrong again.
    When I woke, i found out that we couldn\^t do any procedure at all. My tumor went from microscopic in October to Fully visible by the Monday after Thanksgiving. She called an oncologist while I was in the operating room because she was unsure how to proceed.
    I was then referred to Dr. Quatam Rao, Nashville, TN. I remember shaking so hard in the waiting room and shaking even harder when they called my name, that i had to lean on my husband or i wouldn\^t have been able to walk. He did another biopsy and a CT scan that confirmed I had Cervical Cancer, Stage 1B2. Even though my tumor was 7cm... it was still contained in my cervix. Much to my relief. AS it was too big for surgery, my treatment: 5-6 chemo treatments coupled with 25 external radiation treatments as well as 5 internal treatments.
    I chose The Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute, Nashville TN and my radiologist oncologist is Dr. Hunt. Sitting there the first day, facing the reality that I am now a cancer patient and what that means.... well it was just surreal.
    Thanks to those wonderful people at both offices and for god to guide their minds and his hand on me and my family, i am here to share my story.
    I am 2 months clean now, though i still deal with side effects, worst of which is my energy level and the medical menopause. I am lucky and I know it, however I have many emotions im begining to deal with. My emotions were put to the side because failure was not an option! We had a nice remission party for me in the mountains when we got official word. I got my first tatoo... of the cervical cancer ribbon, as well as my husnand too. His is over his heart, mine on my hip. My closest friends also got the same ribbon, in rememberance and support of me.
    Now that the business of treatment and the party has settled, im left with my thoughts and emotions. Im taking it one day at a time, one hurdle at a time and trying to calm myself down about my first cancer recheck in June. God Bless everyone out there who has been touched by this horrible disease, cancer, of any type.
  • 04-19 -2011
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