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  • Hello my name is Shana. I^m 31 years old. I have 2 kids, a boy, 2, girl, 9. I^m so blessed to tell my story. Before I start please people trust GOD for your healing. I had my son March 11 2009 by C-section and had a tubal ligation. After that I started having discharge so the doc told me it was a UTI, so they gave me antibiotics. It cleared up for about a week or 2 then I went to the E.R. They told me it was a P.I.D so they gave me more meds. But reminder, you can^t have P.I.D if you have a tubal ligation. So now more hospital visits because now I^m getting pain. I went to this hospital call Brookdale which is not a good place but they ran tests and everything came back fine so one doc told me to come in and see him. So they gave me 2 cone and told me few days later I had cervix cancer.
    Wow, my heart dropped. So I was sad for 2 days then I started looking for another doc so I can find out how far it is so I find Sloan Letter. They gave me the run around for a whole month just to give me pain pills.
    So i call Cancer Care for help and they transfer me to cancer treatment center of America. Lord knows those people are the best. I went up to P.A. They started treatments the next day. 3chemo and 35 rad. None of my hair came out, thank you Jesus, but I did lose a lot of weight, but my father God helped me. I am so blessed that Jesus loves me. I went back to the doc and he told me I^m cancer free, so I went from stage 3 to nothing. Thank you God for giving me another chance....people stay strong and trust God for your healing. If he can do it for me he will do the same for you.

  • 03-21 -2011
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