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    I am Eileen from the UK, but I have a few questions if anyone can help..
    I had a smear in May 2010 and it came back as high abnormal cells..CIN3...then had a colpsopy and they took away the abnormal cells which was a large piece of my cervix, well larger then I was was the size of the top of my thumb from the bottom of the nail to the tip approx..the biopsy came back as ok..a..I then went last week for my six month follow up, and was expecting a clear result..had a letter arrive yesterday to say I have CIN3 again..high abnormal cells..and have to make an appoint at hospital to have treatment again..
    my questions are...if the abnormal cells are there again, could these keep happening every six months, or is it likely to turn into cancer, I am 41, and a widow with 4 kids, my husband died 4 years ago...I have a strong faith (now) and I pray that God will keep me here for my kids, well until they get to an age where they can live independently...if you know what I mean, my youngest is 8.
    People may not like me talking like this, but I am just being realistic, and accepting the worse possible...although I am not worried as like I said I have a strong faith, actually that^s a lie, I am worried a little..just because not know what I could be facing..
    I will try and call back on here with an update, once I have been to hospital for treatment...
    anyway I will pray for you all on this site, we all need positive energy...God Bless you
  • 02-20 -2011
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