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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • I have a 2yr old daughter and never had any abnormal pap tests. In September of 2010 on my 24th birthday which happened to be my golden birthday as well. I was told I had cervical cancer (nice birthday huh), that following Monday my fiance and I saw a surgeon they decided surgery would be best. So on October 12th I underwent a Radical Hysterectomy, leaving my ovaries so I would not go through menopause. After surgery all the test results came back negative and doctors were confident that all traces of cancer were gone.
    About four months later, I had some very unusual bleeding, saw doctor to check it out. They then admitted me, gave me 4 units of blood because I lost so much. They also informed us that the cancer was back and spread to my upper vagina. I spent a week in the hospital doing test after test and surgery to explore the area and place a meda port for chemo. Doctors also decided that I would need to undergo Chemo and Radiation. I now go to radiation Mon-Fri and am scheduled to have chemo every 3 weeks and will need to be in patient for 2-3days for it. As you could imagine this is hard to deal with since I have a 2yr old daughter. I am very fortunate to have a great Fiance and family and friends that are here to help me through this. I wish I would have known about the vaccine because I would have gotten it for sure. This is nothing anyone should have to deal with. We^ll get through it though I^m probably the most positive one through out the whole thing. Please email me if anyone else would like to talk Ive been searching for someone my age in similar situation to relate to Stay strong girls!
  • 02-20 -2011
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