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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • Well on January 13, 2011, I went to the doctor for my wellness visit and to get a pap. One week later the nurse called and told me the results of my pap which came back abnormal. The next day I called the nurse back to find out what did it mean to have an abnormal pap.What i found out was that i have lesions, abnormal cells, on my cervix. So I wonder what does this mean and as my mind wonders she informs me that i have an appointment with an Ob/Gyn. So that next week, Wednesday January 26, 2011, I went to the Ob/Gyn. I was very nervous that day. So when I arrive, I get called back to the Doctors office and she talks to me and my mother about my pap and I find out that I have mild dysplasia of cervix. The next step was the colposcopy and then a biopsy, it was kind of painful and uncomfortable....... So now I^m waiting for my results from the biopsy........ Ever since the day of my last doctor visit I have been concerned and wondering what is now I^m taking it day at a time. Can someone who has been through what I^m going through share with me what happened to them after their results came back......?

  • 02-05 -2011
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