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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • In September 2010 I was diagnosed with HPV. I am 17 years old, and the doctors have said this is really rare. I went to the doctor to get a colposcopy, when i went back i was told i have pre-cancerous cells. One week later i was to go into surgery to get the cells removed. My doctor had a talk with me before i had it. He said that the strain i have is a very bad one, but he hopes that i will heal quickly because of my age. When i went to my follow-up i was told the piece they found was grade 3 pre-cancerous. If i never got my pap smear i would have gotten Cervical Cancer. My other follow-up is in February, really hoping that this test doesn^t come back abnormal. I would like to have kids in the future. Hopefully everything turns out fine. My heart goes out to the people with HPV & cervical cancer.
  • 01-18 -2011
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