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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • I was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer December 22,2010. I would first like to say that you are not alone! Like many of you, when I heard the words " you have cancer" I panicked. I knew nothing about cervical cancer, I knew nothing about HPV. I thought that I had just been handed a death sentence.

    My Dr. called me on the phone, I was home alone. This was my first screening with this Dr. My first abnormal pap smear in my life. I am 44 years old. I have always been fit, I am a non-smoker, I would consider myself healthy. I have always been diligent about my annual screenings, so this diagnosis came as a complete shock to me.

    I went from completely healthy to "you have cervical cancer" The very next day I was seeing a Dr. at Northwestern Hospital in Chicago ( Prentice Women^s Hospital)What a WONDERFUL hospital. I feel that God is watching over me. I am so blessed to have such wonderful people taking care of me.

    I am going to have a radical hysterectomy very within the next month and feel confident that this will be the appropriate treatment for me.

    As I read the stories on this website, I feel the pain that a lot of the women are experiencing, needing to reach out and speak to someone that is going through the same thing that I am . It is hard to connect with someone that is going thorough the same thing. My type of cell is the Adenocarcinoma. It was hard for me to find any information that was good information. I so desperately wanted to connect with a person, to talk this through with someone that was going through this at the same time, and could not find a PERSON... I live in a small community where outreach and support are limited and have had to educate myself and have had to have lots of internal conversations with myself and do lots and lots of praying to get myself to a good place, and Thank God for the staff at Northwestern.

    I would NOT recommend reading about it on the internet. Talk to your Dr. Wait until you are staged and and KNOW what you are dealing with BEFORE you start reading about it. If you are being treated at a cancer center and they have a medical library, talk to the Medical Librarian. Northwestern Women^s Hospital has a Medical Librarian that can be very helpful. The hospital also has many links that offers articles that you can read. Another website that helped me TREMENDOUSLY is :
    This site has many survivor stories on it. This site helped to put my mind at ease.

    Remember to think positive, and only read information from good sources and trust YOUR DR. NOT THE INTERNET.

    In closing, I am so thankful to be in the hands of Northwestern Hospital. I truly feel that without them, I would be lost. If there is any way that I can help another person through this, I would be more than happy to help.

    my email address is :

    Please email me.

  • 01-17 -2011
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