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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • In August 2010, a Gyno Oncologist attempted to give me a colposcopy however I was bleeding too much to give her an accurate sample. She then scheduled an ultrasound and MRI the next week to see what is causing the bleeding. The day of the ultrasound appt I hemorrhaged at work and drove myself to the ER. By the time I was seen by the ER Dr I stopped bleeding and was sent home. The next day I went for an ultrasound and the results came back that I had a tumor the size of an orange in my uterus. Without knowing if the tumor is cancerous or not this Gyno Oncologist wanted to perform a hysterectomy the next week. She said she would make an incision going up and down my belly to perform the surgery and I would be on bed rest for several weeks. I am only 30yrs old and haven^t had children yet so I wanted to get a 2nd opinion. I canceled the surgery and went to 3 Dr^s the next week. One of the Dr^s did a test to see exactly if the tumor was cancerous or not and it was. On September 29th I was diagnosed with Stage 1B2 Cervical/Uterine Cancer. The cancer started in my cervix and spread up to my uterus. All 3 Dr^s suggested that I receive chemo, external radiation, internal radiation and hysterectomy in order to be Cancer free. I decided to receive treatment with Dr Lowe at Prentice Hospital for Women in Chicago Illinois. On October 8th, I had laproscopic surgery to see if my lymph nodes and ovaries were affected. Luckily they weren^t so Dr Lowe took one ovary out to put in storage in Minneasota in case I should have a surrogate carry babies for me and the other one is stitched up under my rib to prevent me going into early menopause. On October 18th, I started 5 treatments of chemo every Monday and 5 weeks of external radiation everyday. On November 22th I was in the hospital for 3 days for internal radiation. The goal was to shrink the tumor as much as possible before the hysterectomy and it worked. On December 23rd, Dr Lowe performed a Radical hysterectomy using the da Vinci leaving me with 5 extremely small incisions going form left to right on my stomach. I was on bed rest for less then 2 weeks. On December 29th, Dr Lowe called me to inform me that the pathology report came back and that he got everything. The cancer was gone. I did it... I won the battle!!!

    This fight was definitely bittersweet. I^m grateful to be a Survivor, but sad with what I had to go through and lose in order to be one. Stay strong and positive and you can do anything!
  • 01-12 -2011
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