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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • in 1997 I was diagnosed with HPV. No one knew what that was other than it was a sexually transmitted disease that could produce genital warts. My paps were normal from that point on and i never produced warts. I was happy at that until I learned the high risk strains were "asymptomatic" and more dangerous than the low risk strains that produced genital warts. I entered into a relationship and had my OBGYN test me again for HPV but the test showed negative. I thought perhaps my body had fought it off. That was in 2004. I had consistent normal paps from 1997 to 2010 when I had my 2nd abnormal pap. I had a colposcopy completed and was told my results showed medium risk for bad cells and to wait 6 months to retest as sometimes the body can "turn" the cells itself. I was instructed to exercise, eat well, rest etc. I have been active and exercise well since childhood, am fit, and eat didn^t know what else I could do. I added a lot of vitamins and reservatrol in hopes that would help me fight the bad cells. I go back to get rechecked in April 2011, the month I will turn 31. I pray that my cells are normal and that I can hurry and have kids in case I end up having to remove my parts if things worsen. When reading others^ stories I couldn^t help but cry. I am scared. I have my faith and a good supportive family but have always been healthy, never broke a bone, i don^t take prescription meds.....and now I may be up for the biggest fight of my life. I will post an update once I have one. Praying for health for myself and all the other ladies struggling with HPV and cervical health.
  • 01-05 -2011
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