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  • My name is Ronda, and I am a survivor! In Dec. 2008 I was experiencing lengthy heavy menstrual cycles and symptoms that presented like early menopause, I was 35 at the time. I was diagnosed with cervical cancer Jan. 2009. I found a wonderful team of doctors who treated me for stage 1B2 cervical cancer, and who also saw to my whole health and well being during my treatment. I had weeks of chemo and radiation, followed by brachy for 3 weeks with 6 total treatments, and finally an hysterectomy and oophyerectomy in August. I celebrated my first cancer free visit in Dec. 2009, and had my one year anniversary Dec. 2010. My life is changed,and each day feels like the miracle that it is.

    Each day is a new journey. There are after effects from the treatments, and am finding my way in my changed body. I am a changed person because of the excellent care that I received at a treatment center far from my home, with all the support of home. I am able to reach out to others now who are taking this same journey. Reach out to each other when you feel weak, this is a community of survivors, we can lift each other up when one can\^t do it on her own.

  • 12-29 -2010
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