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  • This is for Cassie first as well as others. I am 44 yrs old and in May 2010 I was told I had cervical cancer, stage 3T. I spent June, July and August going to radiation every day and chemo once a week, at the end I also had 5 brachytheropy treatments, WHEW!!! But, the tumor is gone!! My last treatment was Aug 30, 2010. A month later my radiation doctor gave me an ok, no more treatments with him. A month after that I had an appointment with my gyno/chemo dr. and everything was good, I don^t see him again until Feb 2011. I was so grateful for my mother, she drove me to every treatment, and my boss let me work half days just so I could keep on... trying to live as normal a life as I could with this. My best advice to anyone going through this is, eat healthy, take your vitamins/minerals, get as much rest as you possibly can, drink protein drinks, and try to stay positive and keep a positive outlook. I am living (so far) proof that that dreadful "C" word CAN be beat!!!! On Oct. 23rd I participated in a Cancer Walk here in my town, 3.2 miles round trip and I made it the entire way!!! I thank God and my doctors, Dr. Raja & Dr. Plants and nurse Cindy at the CAMC Memorial Hospital , Charleston WV and to Dr. Michael Schiano also Charleston WV for my success and survival!
  • 12-24 -2010
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