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  • Hello Everyone. I am Alan Kaye, the Co-Founder of the National Cervical Cancer Coalition (NCCC) and NCCC\^s Global Initiative Against HPV and Cervical Cancer (GIAHC) I am writing here in our NCCC Survivor section to say: THANK YOU, for all of you who share your stories for others.

    At the NCCC, we understand it can be a challenge to share with others your personal precancer and/pr Cancer battle with others. Yet, time and again, our NCCC membership does exactly that. Your sharing of your message helps others know they are not going through their cancer battle alone. We get feedback all the time from women fighting cancer, form their husbands, children, their parents and friends on how uplifting and motivational YOUR stories are to others fighting cervical cancer, HPV and HPV Associated cancers.

    So during this holiday time, as you feel your inner warmth, caring and Spirit, please know that at the NCCC/GIAHC we send you a BIG *THANK YOU* for sharing and caring for others. Together, we are stronger at NCCC/GIAHC. Your active help through the NCCC makes a HUGE difference for others battling cancer and also your sharing helps provide part of the education and awareness we offer to our 10,000 NCCC/GIAHC members and the public to try to STOP CANCER NOW! You all Rock for caring and Helping. We do need your help. And this brief note is an expression of THANKS from all of us at NCCC to YOU. Happy Holidays, Alan NCCC

  • 12-23 -2010
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