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  • I have been reading the stories here and don^t find one similar to mine. Right now I vacillate between thinking everything will be fine and fear. I am 63, have had one pap smear that was abnormal and that was over 20 years ago, beyond that one they have all been normal. I found out 3 weeks ago that I have stage 3B squamous cell cervical cancer and that only by accident. My doctor and I thought I had sciatica and I went in to the hospital for an MRI looking for herniated discs. The doctor called and indicated that they had found a mass and further testing needed to be done. Since then my life has turned upside down. I^ve gone online to find out information so that when I meet with my doctor I^ll have some understanding of the treatment options. My question to all you is about coping and sources of strength - how do you manage day to day?
  • 12-20 -2010
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