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  • Hello, I am a cervical cancer survivor. In 2008 my Dr. told me that my pap was abnormal. He did a biopsy on me 2 weeks later and the cells were at mid grade. He told me to come back 6 months later and he said the cells were low. But when I went 6 months after that the cells were at high grade and he referred me to an oncologist. Just hearing I had an abnormal pap was devastating. But to go to an oncologist I thought was the worst. I went to a really great oncology clinic and they got right on it. They began to do a LEEP surgery but while in process of doing the surgery they found that the dysplasia was too deep for that type of surgery. So they set up for a cone biopsy in which they did. And, after that they found I had stage 1 cervical cancer. That was the worst news of my life. But, thank God for my now husband then boyfriend, family and friends. There was so much support and I needed it more than ever I was so afraid. The Dr. told me she was going to have to take my ovaries and all my female organs. But during the surgery she told me that my ovaries were small and she left them in along with part of my fallopian tubes. October 15, 2010 was my 1 year as a survivor. I have then had a normal pap and my Dr. told me I didn^t have to have chemo or radiation. She also assured me my life will be better after all that. And, I would love to inform my other sister survivors and sisters that are battling to keep your head high, be strong and know that I\^m here praying for all of us everyday and every step of the way.
  • 12-04 -2010
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