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  • Hello Everyone! I am so blessed to have found this site. After being diagnosed with cervical cancer IIB in Aug. 2007, There has been too much I feel that I need to get done before my time is up. My whole life has changed. I have never been married, or pregnant. After battling my whole life with heavy painful periods, I never once thought it was a big deal. At age 12 my mother had taken me to get checked and not knowing anything, to me I guess I was ok. The only strange thing I can recall was that I even had bumps at that age. I never understood why, if I did not lose my virginity until 17yrs. Old. Sometimes I wonder if being sexually molested as a child had any part in that.

    I would go every year for my pap. That same year that I was diagnosed, my pap was NORMAL!!! And my GP dr. Told me that my symptoms were caused by stress and I lacked exercise! My symptoms started with little specks of bright red blood during or after intercourse, then it began to be uncomfortably painful. That summer I can still remember being so excited because my abdomen was so swollen I thought I was pregnant. Plus I had\^nt had my period for 3months.

    That August, my whole world had completely changed. I lived 7hrs from family. I am so grateful for my ex Boss that referred me to her own Gynecologist... I love you sooo much Charlotte!!! I couldn\^t have done it without the support of the best coworkers ever!!! I started chemo and radiation right away. Only because my tumor was outside of my uterus. And it had already begun to spread. Then, towards the end, I went through brachiotherapy. January 2008 I was cured... Thank you Jesus! No speck left of what was trying to do away with me... Well, I have moved back home and feel like God gave me a second chance... It hasn\^t been easy but I am so grateful for my life...
  • 11-29 -2010
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