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  • hello, my name is cassie....i am 24 years old...i am a single mother and have an amazing 5 year old little boy named brennon....this site may not be for me...but i just recently found out i was a stage 3 in cervical cancer, i have the hpv virus...i heard the words \"you have cervical cancer\" and my life changed completely, i cry myself to sleep every night because i feel guilty and i am just scared to death i dont know what is going to happen. i am going to have the leep procedure done on dec. 9th and after that i was told i wont be able to have anymore kids, and i wanted a little girl to call my own, then i was told if the leep doesn^t work then im going to have to start not a cancer survivor but i want to be, i also have had many friends and a boyfriend abandon me because that was just to much for them to handle or they just didnt care....i guess what i am looking for is a support system to get me through this and i want to surround myself with strong women who knows how i feel and can give me any advice...i just feel so depressed and anything would help...thank you so much for your time.

  • 11-27 -2010
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