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  • I, unlike most of you am not a cancer survivor, but I have dealt with the horrific and painful consequences of HPV. I first noticed it late in 2008 and went to my primary physician and she told me I had a topical yeast infection. She prescribed me some cream and sent me on my way. 2 weeks later the itching and pain was worse than ever. I called her back and she told me she would call me in something. I go to the drugstore to find out she has prescribed me medication for Herpes. I was devastated. I undergo the Herpes treatment which makes me really sick and doesn\^t clear up my problem. I then decide it\^s time for a second opinion. I go to an OB/GYN and he tells me I have HPV and that\^s what is causing these nasty genital warts. He tells me it will clear on its on and not to worry. My wedding is now 3 months away and I\^m not having any luck with the warts clearing on their own. I call my Gyno and he says he will do some outpatient surgery to remove the big ones. He didn\^t numb me too well and I felt everything. The pain and embarrassment was unbearable, but I thought it would all be over after that. Things were better for a few weeks after the stitches came out, but 2 weeks before the wedding things just got unbearable yet again. My gyno prescribed me Aldara cream which is also given to skin cancer patients. I put the cream on just as directed and get 3rd degree burns. The night of our wedding we couldn\^t even have sex because I was burned so badly. I decided it was time for a new doctor. She looked at the damage and decided laser surgery was the next option. I scheduled the surgery only to get a call 2 days later saying my insurance won\^t cover pre-existing conditions. I had a major breakdown, but just prayed for strength and I would have to wait 6 months before I could have the surgery now. Not long after my devastation the warts began to clear on their own and I\^m proud to say that I\^ve been wart free for almost 5 months now. I just continue to hope and pray that my ordeal is over.
  • 11-02 -2010
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