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  • hi, My name is Julia and i have dealt with HPV for about 15 years now. I have had all the procedures done and then some. When i first got it the doctors didnt even know what it was. Now its all in the news and has come to light. Once you have HPV, you ALWAYS have HPV. there is no cure. There are shots now that can prevent it, but there is no cure. I have had stage 1,2 and 3 cancer. Each time they (leasions) appear, they remove them. I have gotten checked every 3 months for its every 6. ive had a hysterectomy, leaving my ovaries. I will ALWAYS have to be checked for the rest of my life and so will anyone with HPV. It never goes away. Even with my hysterectomy, it now appears on the walls, and sometimes on the outside. I have lived with it for many years and have learned to accept. Just because they say you are \"cleared\" do not stop getting checked because it IS still there.
  • 10-19 -2010
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