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  • Hello, my name is Maria. I am a 31yr old female. In 2006, my pap came back abnormal and had my first colposcopy done. All my pap\^s after that were abnormal until after I had a cone biopsy done in 2008. For the first time in 2009 my pap was normal. I then thought that the HPV was completely gone. For my birthday this year, and 3 weeks after, I was in and out of the Dr\^s office for colposcopy\^s, endometrial biopsy and a leep procedure. After I started my job, that\^s when I received a phone call from my Dr. saying I had Stage 1 Cervical Cancer. I could still here my Dr. saying that over and over again. About 4 weeks late, I went in for a second opinion with the hopes that this new Dr. could do something or say something different. Unfortunately, it was the same response as my first Dr.

    In August, I went in for a hysterectomy (leaving both my ovaries in). On the 4th of my hospital stay, one of the Dr\^s came in to give me the good news. I no longer had cancer! Everything was removed during surgery! I could not believe it! I took about 7 Dr\^s to tell me that I had no more cancer and that I would not need chemo or radiation therapy.

    I was just want to say to all the women out there who have cervical cancer, to stay positive. I had the best support from my family, friends, including my Dr\^s that gave my strength to be able to deal with everything. I am so greatful to have had such a great support system.

    Stay positive, pray for strength, inform yourself of the type of cancer and treatment you may have. That\^s the best thing you can do, is to be informed of everything. I did research on the types of surgery\^s, treatment\^s, and aftercare.

    And always remember that your support system will always be there for you no matter what!
  • 10-18 -2010
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