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  • I am Cindy, 27 years old, married and mother of 1. During one of my 2009 OB/GYN visits, doctor informed me that my pap results were abnormal(HPV positive). A few months upon having my daughter on September 2009, a colpscopy and biopsy were done on January 2010. Late January I had a LEEP procedure performed in the cervix. Doctors indicated that HPV cells were eradicated with the LEEP. Every 6 months a pap test is done to make sure that the HPV virus is is gone. Still I am concerned if HPV is present in my oral cavity. Can I become reinfected during oral sex? Does anyone know the answer? Also, does this mean not sharing silverware, drinking cups, and body soap with family members. What is the probability of contracting the virus through the aforementioned?
  • 10-13 -2010
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