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  • I am a cancer survivor
  • In May of this year I had misplaced my birth control pills and still had 2 months until my yearly pap. I called to ask if I could come in early for the exam and they let me schedule my appointment. A week later I received a call from the nurse stating that she had the results and needed to see me a.s.a.p. I called my husband (I had remarried 4 1/2 months earlier), and he rushed home to go with me, although he was positive and was hoping it was a preg. scare, I knew better. I have worked OB/GYN and I knew what to expect.
    I had just turned 30 years old in February and here I sat listening to the Nurse Prat. tell me that I had high grade cervical cancer and needed to see my GYN that day. I took my paperwork to my doctor and he stared at it and me and said this can\^t be you....there has to be a mix up. The next day I had my biopsy and he just dropped his labs were current. Fast growing cervical/utern cancer. The only question now was how far had it gone. After those results came back I was scheduled for surgery immediately. My cancer had started that February and had already took over my cervix and uterus. In recovery the doctor informed me..."Christy you did the right was days away from invading the lymph nods" I started to cry because I have 3 precious kids at home: 9,8, and 5 from my first marriage and they need me as much as I need them.
    Back in my hospital room looking into my new husband\^s worried eyes, I began to cry and be so thankful for those lost pills.... It almost cost me my life. I am still under doctor\^s watch to make sure no new cells were left behind because it was too close for comfort, I just want everyone to be aware how serious this is. If you don\^t have insurance, you\^re local health dept should be able to assist you with a yearly pap. GET IT...YOU NEVER KNOW!
    I thought my body was just going thru the changes a woman does after 3 vag del and turning 30. My symptoms were black bleeding, painful & long periods, strange discharge all month long and pain during sex.
    Thank God that my doctor, (a seasoned GYN) acted with quickness and was understanding... I am blessed
  • 09-26 -2010
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